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Dear Parent, Thank you for your interest in Aspire International School. Please ensure to fill out all fields accurately. Our admissions department will be in contact with you within 48 working hours of submitting the application. In case you experience any technical issues while filling out the online application, kindly reach out to us by Sending an email to: and a representative will be with you within 48-72 hours.

(Aspire International School will provide the second language starting from FS1)


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Please answer the folowing questions:

Declaration of knowledge and consent

I hereby confirm to the best of my knowledge that all vaccination records and medical information has been provided accurately in this application and to update the school with any changes related to the health of my child. I agree to provide a copy of all related inoculations / vaccinations once requested by the school.


Please answer the following questions which apply on student:

T & C

Terms and Conditions

  1. Admission and School Policies The enrolment of a prospective pupil at the school including the placement of the prospective pupil into a particular year group is subject to admissions and entry policies as well as to all other policies and procedures (including those related to discipline and curriculum) as set and amended by the school according to needs.
  2. Change in Status It is the parent’s responsibility to maintain valid documents for pupil’s to remain eligible for continued enrolment at the school Parents must also notify the school immediately of any changes in the parent’s or pupil’s nationality, citizenship or visa status.
  3. Securing a Place On being offered a place the parent or company shall pay the Registration / Down-payment fee and the first installment within the time specified in the offer of enrolment or the place may be subject to offering to another applicant
  4. Refunds Application and administrative expenses for assessment are non-refundable. Tuition fees are only refundable according to Ministry of Education rules and regulations (as per Decree orticle# 420), as follows: If student withdraws at the beginning of the academic year, 10% of first installment is deducted by school. IF student withdraws of ter the beginning of the academic year, during the first term, no refunds can be made to the first installment and the second installment yet the remaining fees may be refunded if any (if all is paid according to the payment schedule). If student transfers at the beginning of the second term, no fees can be refunded and all year’s fees are due by the parent to the school. All bus fees are non-refundable after the beginning of the school year
  5. Disclosure Please be informed of importance to declare in writing all medical, emotional and other issues that might affect your child’s life of the school In the case a child requires special educational needs, the school shall have the right to assess at any time whether it can be provided or continue to provide adequate educational care and provision. If a child has previously been asked to leave another school this information must be provided Failure to provide full and clear disclosure in writing at any time during the application process shall entitle the school to withdraw or suspend the offer or enrolment or the enrolment itself or to make the offer of enrolment itself subject to new terms and conditions with immediate effect.

Parent / Guardian Agreement

By submitting this application, I signify my agreement with the following:

  1. The parents / guordions and pupil agree to and will abide by all school policies and procedures.
  2. The parents / guardians understand and agree that the pupil may be data-required=’true’ to undergo academic or diagnostic testing if needed.
  3. The parents / guordions give the school permission to approach their child’s previous schools, if needed, in order to obtain information which deems relevant to the student’ application.
  4. The parents / guardians agree that the school has the right to keep all the information that parents / guardians submit with the application.
  5. The parents / guardians agree to pay all fees and tuition expenses according to school policy
  6. The parents / guardians agree to inform the school when information described in this application form changes.
  7. The parents / guardians agree to their child wearing the correct school uniform.
  8. The parents / guordions certify that the information provided in this application is accurate and complete and failure to do so is grounds for nullification of pupil’s enrolment of school.
  9. The parents / guardians are responsible to inform the school in writing of any changes in student’s information, medical records, marital status and all relevant changes in previous submitted documents
  10. The parents / guardians have read, understood and agree to abide by the Admission policies.
  11. The parents / guardians are responsible to inform the school in writing of reason/s for student’s absence in case it exceeds three consecutive days.
  12. In case of emergency, I/We grant the school permission to take the necessary procedures for my child, of first aid and to provide the necessary medicines and to transport to hospital and by that the parent shall be informed immediately.
  13. Tuition fees are subject to change in the years to follow as per approvals by the Ministry of Education
  14. Fees for external examinations, in some stages, should be paid by the parent.